Week one to Week three

why are we trying the "carnivore diet?"

Ben has some pretty terrible dietary issues that he is constantly trying to find something...or frankly trying to eliminate all the things that make his stomach upset.

For me, I have been sitting at a plateau for months... I could not seem to lose weight or inches and always felt "poofy."

I have been seeing on social people who have cut everything out of their diet but MEAT. yup... you only eat meat.

It was TOUGH the first two weeks, but Ben and I said we would go 30 days and see how we feel.

Initially, week one, I lost about 3 pounds, pretty sure it was all water weight. Regardless, I started to feel less, "poofy." Ben, the same. now that's not his goal, he wants to add pounds #muscles

We kept going, week two... I was a little skeptical, is it really worth ONLY eating animal products, like don't we need veggies and fruits and carbs?! I miss the sourdough and cookies.

I am a snacker to my core. Go to the pantry, grab a handful of snacks, whatever it may be.. but with this, you don't really have that option, outside of something like beef jerky.

I felt like I had the same amount of energy as I always did, I am making sure I am eating plenty of protein and fats. To give you an estimate, for me that looks like 140g of protein and 100+grams of fats. literally no carbs. calories about 1400-1600cal. I am 5ft. 2in and weight 125pounds.

I do know there is a calorie estimator you can use to help gauge what your goals are.

Typical foods:

eggs + lard + meat (ground turkey or chicken, bacon)


shrimp + tuna steaks

sirloin, roasts, ribeye, etc.

beef jerky, dehydrate your own with salt + pepper

cheese stick

bone broth with black chai tea

Click to grab our go to protein powder:

From what I have read, you're training your body to burn the calories you consume from FAT instead of sugars and carbs. Your body will go through an adjustment period.

  • be sure to eat plenty of SALT and drink lots of water!

Currently, we are on week three! I feel energized, my stomach doesn't feel "poofy" or full, even after I consume a massive amount of steak. This was shocking to's the weirdest feeling, you can eat and entire 10oz steak and not feel lethargic like I expected or usually feel after eating, I don't feel hungry, just content. That's a great feeling.

I have to be in a weight class of 123pounds for a powerlifting competition in January, and this week, I made that weight, woohoo! I have not been able to break my weight plateau in monthssssss, so this was a win. Overall, my clothes fit great, I can visually see a difference in getting leaner.

We promised ourselves we would go 30 days and reevaluate.

I am not sure if I want to be this "strict" after the 30 days, because I love sourdough bread and making it, I adore baking cookies. After research I am not seeing that adding in fruits such as blueberries, are "bad" for you, that's a great snack food, so I think I might add in almonds and blueberries back into the mix and some bread and a cookie now and then. I certainly think having those items on a regular like I was made a difference in how I was feeling.

Eating like this has changed my relationship with food, in a good way. I have noticed that I am not "reaching for food" when I not necessarily need it, just do it out of habit or boredom.

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions!

  • Lauren Denny
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