Gym Equipment

Gym Equipment

Let me start by saying, INVESTMENTS. We saved and saved for this equipment, when we first wanted to start getting back into fitness, we chose equipment that could be versatile.

We stuck with MAJOR body parts and items we felt would be core work outs.

  1. bench equipment- we chose this because it was a chest work out but also had a leg lift and ability for bicep curls as an attachment. Overall we like this a lot and think it was a 10/10
  2. Squat Rack + pulley system: we like this because it's a great space saver, it has the cage for your squatting, (so you will also need a barbell + weights) and a pulley system that is great for arm workouts, back, etc. our vote: a definite need. Bad news is... Ben already snapped the cable.. .he put a great deal of weight on the pulley and bent the connector...great news, the company is great to work with and gave us a replacement FAST and we are up and running again.
  3. Weights + Barbell + cable attachments: Get an olympic barbell for your squats. We use CAP weights, and cable attachments such as a rope, straight bar, curved bar, and handle.
  4. mats: Depending on your flooring situation, you may need some flooring such as rubber mats

This is all we started with!

Since getting the bug...the building bug. We knew we wanted to offer a place for others to come learn to work out and take classes. We wanted to use what we have an extend it for others to have a place where they can do yoga classes, zumba classes, bring their own fitness clients.

There are so many opportunities we felt could happen within this building we decided to expand the gym from our own personal gym to adding additional equipment. You don't need EVERYTHING to get started with a health journey, but it was asked by our audience to share what works for us and our opinion. I hope this gives you an idea of the pieces of equipment, if you have additional questions please leave a comment or reach out on social! :)


Gym Mats:

A team favorite: **

Ben's Favorite Bench:

Ab Roller:

Equipment storage:

Lauren's Bench Pick:

weighted equipment:

Assistant Pull Up:

Grip Strength Straps:

Squat Rack + Cable Pulley:

Lauren's top shoes:

Flat Bench:

Multipurpose equipment:

dumbbell rack:

adjustable dumbbell:

Barbell curl bar:

weight clips:

Leg press:

barbell pad:

Barbell bar:




wrist straps:

t-bar holder:

green carpet:

Squat Belt:

Weight storage:

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