Mindset Around Money: The Power of Living for Abundance

Mindset Around Money: The Power of Living for Abundance

today’s conversation makes me a litte uncomfortable because we are talking about money but i think its a conversation worth having. I wish i recorded the conversation i had with my husband about this topic, but here is the inside scoop of what we talked about.

where we explore the intersection of money, investing, and the abundance mindset.  and today, we're diving deep into the power of adopting a positive outlook on wealth and financial abundance.

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in marriage its almost inevitable, you have one person one way, and the other the complete opposite... Ben is a free spirit and i like structure and security. Growing up, my parents drove cars until the didn’t drive any more... while ben’s view of cars is quite different, he views them as company depreciations, aka tax write offs, so trading in vehicles every couple of years was normal for him as a business owner, and for a long time, i couldn’t wrap my head around that until i became a business owner myself.

anyways, now, i understand that life does not revolve around money, and you see why this conversation makes me feel a little ick, because it’s one of those topics that people don’t like to talk about, it can come with judgement of how people spend their money, how much you have, etc etc. like in the cattle world, there’s an unwritten rule, you don’t ask how many acres or how much head of cattle you have... because someone then knows your finances.

but let’s agree that money does help in life, it keeps a lot of us less stressed when we have some in our bank accounts for necessities. so back on topic, One person who embodies this abundance mindset is my husband Ben.

Growing up, Ben didn't have a pocket full of cash. In fact, he often shares stories with me of eating meals like rice with spaghetti sauce or Cap'n Crunch Christmas edition from the previous year. or not having meals to eat that week.. But despite that, Ben's outlook on money is truly inspiring. he has learned that money comes and grows and the beauty of doing things in life, is once you have the skills and dedication, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish and then therefore, you can achieve more, more of wealth, money, OPPORTUNITY, happiness.

Ben is an entrepreneur through and through. He has a passion for building businesses, from conception to execution. And while some ventures have been successful and others have been closed down, Ben's mindset remains resilient. He sees every challenge as an opportunity for growth and believes that there can always be more.

What sets Ben apart is his unwavering positivity and abundance mindset. Even in the face of financial setbacks, his outlook remains optimistic. I'll never forget the time i found two precious fluffy cows on facebook... now looking back, my rule of thumb is... if it sounds too good to be true... it usually is...so yes, i put deposit down on these precious fluffy cows and it turns out it was from a scammer. I lost a solid $500. While I was stressing over the loss, Ben's response was, "I'm sure we'll recoup it somehow. It's a learning experience."

How about the other time when i was bidding on an animal at an auction and i thought the auctioneer was saying one number and he was in fact not. it was another number...much higher. the entire crowd stopped and looked at me. and when we went back to get the little lamb.... i don’t think that bottle lamb was going to make it. i thought for sure it was going to fall over and die before we got home it was so sickly.... ben’s response... well this will make for a good story. she will be the most expensive animal on the farm, let’s name her fancy. fancy don’ tlet me down... for all those of you who are wondering... fancy lived and yes she still is the most expensive animal on the ranch and i am not allowed to hold the ballot card anymore.

And that's the essence of an abundance mindset. It's about reframing setbacks as opportunities, viewing wealth as abundant and limitless, and trusting in your ability to create and attract prosperity into your life.

So how can we cultivate this abundance mindset in our own lives? It starts with shifting our perspective on money and wealth. Instead of dwelling on scarcity and lack, focus on the abundance that surrounds you.

Practice gratitude for what you have, and believe that more is always possible. ben practices visualization, we have a few investment items in the works and ben often says, “when i am a millionaire, i am going to __________” or he will invite me to play, what will be the first thing you do, what do you think it will feel like?” and i know he is practicing to invite the inevitable that it will happen, it will all pay off.

Additionally, embrace a growth mindset when it comes to investing. See every investment, whether successful or not, as an opportunity to learn and grow. And remember, wealth isn't just about money. It's about living a rich and fulfilling life, filled with meaningful experiences and relationships.

As we wrap up today's episode, I encourage you to reflect on your own mindset towards money and wealth. Are you approaching it with a scarcity mindset, or are you embracing abundance?

Remember, the choice is yours, and it can make all the difference in your financial journey. That's all for today's episode of "Wealth Wisdom." Thank you for joining me on this journey. Be sure to subscribe for more conversations. Until next time, may you continue to build a life you love.

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