showing up online and seizing opportunities

showing up online and seizing opportunities

In this episode of Denny Talks, I emphasize the transformative power of showing up online and seizing opportunities. Let me share my journey from being a fourth-grade teacher to becoming a successful entrepreneur, emphasizing how sharing resources online led to the creation of Simply Stained Shop, a global sensation specializing in handmade wooden signs for teachers.

I discuss the importance of strategic social media planning, highlighting how different platforms serve different purposes. Let me emphasize the role of online networking in connecting with like-minded individuals and expanding reach.

Furthermore, I share personal anecdotes, such as how my family's ranch business flourished through online marketing and community engagement. I encourage you to embrace opportunities and take risks, citing examples of unexpected career turns and newfound success.

The episode concludes with a motivational message urging listeners to start sharing their stories and embracing the journey of entrepreneurship. I emphasize the importance of consistency and confidence in building an online presence and encourage you to keep chasing opportunities.

Key quotes include:

  • "The internet is a vast digital playground, and it's not just for posting memes or promoting your business. It is truly a goldmine for those who are brave enough to seize the opportunity."
  • "The benefits of showing up online just didn't really stop there. It carried over into because I started off by taking on that opportunity of showing up and starting that first Instagram account of Simply Stained Shop."
  • "By harnessing the power of social media and online networking, my family was able to transform their dreams into realities."
  • "Whether it's building a business successfully, securing a new dream job, or bringing your passion project to life, it is the gateway to a brighter future."

Overall, my episode inspires listeners to embrace the potential of online platforms and take proactive steps toward their goals.


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