Start a sign company without knowing how to build a sign

Sounds like this is going to work out great… 😊

Did I also move my entire family down to Oklahoma to build this dream of building a ranch and a sign company?! YES,yes I did and I am so thankful that you choose to be here!

Before starting SimplyStainedShop, I decorated my apartment with every single HOBBY LOBBY decoration with the word HOME on it…I was desperate to make it feel a certain way, so I threw up the word HOME in every corner of my place.

Even though decorations don’t do the hard work, it takes to make a place a HOME, I believe when it feels GOOD, the goodness comes out.

Through time, I made the home. It made me confident in choosing what I liked around me. It allowed me to find a calmness within the walls of my home and allowed me to function and do the work I needed to.

When you feel GOOD, the goodness comes out. Our passion is bringing joy to your walls through our handmade products and through your social media feeds as we update you on adorable smiling sheep, fluffy cows, chickens who live in a camper, mini donkeys, and alpacas.

Each of our products are mostly made of wood, we use a laser, and a UV ink printer to create your products, if you have a special gift in mind, email us we can make it happen!

Simply Stained Shop was founded in order to build a homelike feeling within the walls of my classroom and home. What was once began as creating the feeling of home and uplifting messages within the walls of my elementary classroom and in my family’s farmhouse home. 

Has now become my passion for creating home within the walls of your life. 


Lauren Denny

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