Women Supporting Women: Cultivating Confidence in Business

Women Supporting Women: Cultivating Confidence in Business

Today, we're delving into a topic close to my heart: the unique ways in which women approach business, networking, and empowerment. The basis of today’s conversation is about how I see that Women do things different. We offer things in a different way. We connect, we collaborate, we build upon others strengths differently.

When I moved to Oklahoma, Ben and I were in the process of building a brand building a place where people could come experience the country by visiting our ranch through Agritourism.

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DUring this time, we would go to our local chamber, and there was after hour events meant to encourage collaboration and community. The first time i attended, I was the only lady. Now I have gone to many business events as Ben’s spouse and that is how it felt but I was also the business owner for Simply country Ranch showing up to this after hours event and I mean no disrespect for the chamber or the local business owners because they were all very nice very kind very inviting, but it is much different to show up to an event as the only lady, and the remaining group is men men talk differently in business than women talk. we collaborate and connect differently. don’t you agree?

I don’t necessarily feel like it has to be an all women’s group and all men’s group that is most certainly not what I’m saying because I believe that Ben and I are a great business couple together. He brings something to the table that I do not and I do the same for him so I feel that there are a lot of businesses that benefit from a, male female dynamic, and if you can get us all in the same room together, I believe there’s a lot of power in that, but I just don’t see that happening right off the bat we have to work into that.

that being said another instance was showing up to the after hours event Another local business owner walked in with me and she looked around the room and said oh I don’t want to be here. This feels uncomfortable and she she missed the opportunity to connect with local business owners because she did not feel represented in that location, of course I encouraged her to stay, in the end, she chose to leave the room and that made me feel like there has to be way that we can give women the confidence to stand in their abilities of a business owner or a community member.

I left that first meeting and told Ben I envision a retreat I envision a Regular gathering of women that can learn from one another connect network and I hope that that allows them to stand in there purpose and give them confidence to one day show up to big events that might not always be equally represented.

I left that meeting and contacted the chamber Director, who at the time was a male and he was very supportive said that I should spearhead this idea and go for it and today we have women’s through the Mcalester chamber. we host quarterly events of all types of women who come to meet and mingle.

So again I am reiterating that I am not saying women women women everything has to be SEPARATED, but if we can hold events that encourage women to gain confidence then that’s what I think is a good steppingstone for them to feel confident to step into another business room. It is terrifying alone. I am just like so many of these other women so I am certainly not saying that I am better than anybody I believe that gaining confidence in myself Has transformed the way that I do business and present my ideas to those around me and I believe that I have some to offer the community and I want to encourage other people to feel the same way it just so happens to be that women is the demographic that I see in need for.

women are very strong and I’m not saying that they have to have someone rally or cheer them on all the time and there are a lot of women who can walk into a room with such confidence so I’m rambling because I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes but I’m trying to communicate my idea impact so I hope it is received in that manner

So, to all the women out there: you are strong, capable, and deserving of every opportunity that comes your way. Let's continue to support and uplift each other as we navigate the world of business and beyond.

It’s not a competition, we are all able to rise together, like i said in the beginning, Women do things different. We offer things in a different way. We connect, we collaborate, we build upon others strengths differently and that makes us unique and special.

Thank you for tuning in, and remember, together, we can achieve anything and you can change your life with each choice you make. Until next time, take care.

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