Word of the 2022 Year

Word of the 2022 Year

It’s the New Year and everyone is going to share their 2022 New Year’s Resolution… I used to choose one, but then I realized it’s just not ME. I find a lot more success when I have an idea, an intention, a focus I can drive my life around.

In the past I would say, ” I am going to drink a gallon of water.” and when I missed my goal that day, as silly as it is… “well I failed, my year just busted I can’t keep going.”

So instead of having the goal of “I am going to drink a gallon of water,” the real underlining focus was HEALTH, so these days, I focus on what is the purpose, the intention behind the so called resolution..health, okay, maybe I didn’t drink the full gallon that day, but maybe I still achieved my focus of HEALTH, by moving more, choosing smaller portion sizes, etc.

Just a thought, that has been working for me.

Let’s chat about this year, since we are on the topic of HEALTH. This year royally sucked in May-June. Our son was life flighted to Tulsa St. Francis Medical ICU and stayed there for a month. YUP. It flippin rocked our world.

I can’t bring myself back to that mindset, it was so tough. I am so grateful to say that, he is doing so much better and healthy again.

In the time of sitting in ER rooms, laying for countless hours listening to hospital beeps, constant medical professional visits, the plastic foam bench that parents sleep on night after night with the scratchy blankets… you really get to thinking.

DANG… life is fragile. I take it for granted. I live without gratitude, I live recklessly that everything will be fine, I didn’t value just how delicate life is and how quickly it can turn.

It was the hours of driving from our little town into the city to do a switch off parent duty with Ben so one of us could always stay with him, and the other could run the ranch, business, our other family members, that I knew something had to change.

I was out of wack. I took health for granted, I wasn’t making the moments I have here a priority. So in the month of staying at the hospital, we saved and bought out first piece of gym equipment which was an adjustable dumbbell set on Amazon.

My 2022 year will look like OPPORTUNITY. It will be filled with intention, gratitude, and doing everything I can to leave it all on the table.

I am not setting a New Year’s Resolution, I am setting a focus, where ever day is an opportunity to show up and make something possible.

I believe I am capable of MAKING opportunities.

I believe I will SEE opportunities knocking on my door.

I believe I will TAKE opportunities that come across and I won’t be afraid to do something about those steps.

I challenge you to see a focus for your year and move in that direction, instead of a single resolution action.

Our sign company, Simply Stained Shop celebrates these intentions in the month of January by asking you to choose a WORD for your 2022 and we help you present that word in a location you’ll be able to see all the time with a physical product, Word on Wood.

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what will your word be?

Live life simple and set your intentions to the year you want to have

Best Wishes to you!

Lauren Denny

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