Meet The Animals

Rupert | Babydoll Ram

Rupert is three. He is the only ram on our ranch. He is known for his over the top personality, love for attention, cuddles, grass in his mouth. He is king of needing to say, "no thank you sir" as he sneaks up on you. 

Scottish Highland Calves

Fluffy Cows are even fluffier when they are calves. Scottish Highlands have many color variations and long shaggy fur. They are very small, when they are born, they are about the size of a large dog.

Caroline & Henry

Our sweet donkeys are miniature. Caroline is the leaders and henry is a sweet love. He adores Caroline by putting his head on her back each day. Caroline can get a bit pushy when treats get involved, but hey...we all love food right?

Winston | Border Collie

Winnie is our Border Collie that needs a little direction. He gets SO excited to visit the animals, he has natural instincts that encourage him to herd the animals he just hasn't taken direction just yet to learn exactly WHERE to take them. He is completely infatuated with chickens, he sits underneath the camping coop to watch all the fluffy heads mosey for food. Winston is our best friend! He does everything we do.


With a variety of chicken breeds, our 50 egg layers live in a remodeled camper we call, The Camping Coop. Our favorite is the fluffy heads, Polish Chickens. What will we do with all the eggs? We plan on having a market for our local community, sharing with our neighbors, and having a lot of scrambled eggs.

Scottish Highland | Fluffy Cows

This is Miss Lola, she is a scottish highland. This breed of cows are docile, some you can brush their hair, and we think they all have their own personality. Our fold of many colors moved from Idaho to Oklahoma in 2020. Both boys and girls have horns that grow as they age. We are breeders, which means we sell highlands to local farms/ranches.