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It started about 5 years ago when Ben ate TUMS like candy...he would sleep sitting up each night. First we thought it had to be RED sauces. The red sauces must be giving him heartburn...but then he would throw up Alfredo sauce, and a protein shake. It felt like EVERYTHING he ate would make him terribly ill.

After seeing an allergy specialist, a dramatic diet change came. Ben learned he has celiac disease. Not everyone who eats gluten free/ dairy free, has reactions; like me, I can process ice cream like a champ! But, I feel a tremendously better when I started eating what Ben makes, we started switching butter to a plant based, choosing cereals without dairy, drinking oat milk, etc.

With changing our ingredients, let's be frank, if you know,,, you know.... bread still tastes like cardboard, pasta doesn't always have the best texture, so creating meals that are delicious, everyday dishes, can be somewhat of a challenge. Ben makes most sauces from scratch because a lot of seasonings, rubs, and sauces include dairy and/or gluten. 

Ben is passionate about cooking. He has said multiple times how IMPORTANT it is that an everyday family can make this meal. He was getting frustrated when watching cooking shows that asked him to serve a family of 6 with each their own hollowed out pineapple on their way to soccer practice! It just wasn't realistic. It felt daunting, something unattainable, something you wouldn't use on an everyday basis. Make it SIMPLE. Make it taste GOOD. That's the goal. 

We have a list of ingredients that we love that are tried and true! If you are not gluten or dairy free, feel free to modify to your desires. Such as instead of soy sauce alternatives, use regular soy sauce. Instead of plant based butter, use regular butter. If you're not a pork fan, (that's what's included in this dish) include your protein choice. We want this to work for your family and make eating and cooking SIMPLY tasty. 

Feel free to contact us at when needed. Please send us your feedback on social we'd love to see your creations!

Happy eating!